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“Can verbs be made up? I’ll tell you one. I heaven you, so my wings will open wide to love you boundlessly. I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.” -Frida Kahlo

Kat has always been inspired by art in every aspect of her life. She is able to escape and truly live life through her work. Similar to Frida Kohlo, she feels like as long as she can paint and use her creative skills-she is alive. Art is Kat’s one true passion in life and is majorly inspired by Frida and her dedication to her craft.

Kat Heitzman is from Rockford, Illinois and has her art work in many local art galleries and events in the Chicago and Rockford area. She loves to teach others how to best use their own inspiration and creativity through painting, drawing, photography and more. She teaches classes at Rock Valley College to local inspired artists as well. 

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Kat Heitzman

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Here are some of the most viewed pieces of work that Kat has on her online art gallery and shop.