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Inspired by Nature...

Kat is a self-taught artist inspired by fantasy, nature, and her inner spirituality. Not only is she an avid painter, but she is also skilled in pyrography, drawing, sewing, quilting, and mixed media arts. Never wanting to come out of the world of art, she is truly a inspired and creative soul through and through. She loves to collaborate with local artists and is always looking to do so.

...and Fantasy

peach poppy sunset painting fine art local artists
amazing parrot watercolor fine art paintings
alcohol ink with resin coating fine art local artists near me

Recent Artworks

Kat’s art can be seen in local art galleries as well as local art shows and events in the Rockford and Chicago area. Check out her online art gallery for some of her work.

beach fine art impressionism
tree fine art painting local artists near me

My Story

I am a self-taught artist that practices with many mediums. I am inspired by realism and surrealism alike from what I see in nature and imagine while reading. I enjoy fantasy, but also love making practical custom merchandise that people can use on a daily basis. It just makes me happy to create things that make other people happy. 

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

-Thomas Merton

Experience with Many Mediums

Kat is experienced using many different art mediums like oil, acylic, watercolor paint; drawings with colored pencils; graphite or marker; pyrography and wood burnings; resin art and alcohol ink; photography prints and textiles as well.  

Kat does not just focus on realism, but also surreal and abstract art as well.

amazing parrot watercolor fine art paintings

Watercolor, Acrylic, and Oil Paintings

sea turtle colored pencil drawing fine art local artists


alcohol ink with resin coating fine art local artists near me

Alcohol Ink Art

elephants in love photography digital media near me

Photography Prints and Digital Art

mini art and magnets local artists near me

Mini-Art and Magnets

Beautiful Peacock Wood Burning Pyrography Local Artists

Pyrography and Wood Burning

custom character resin art local artists near me

Custom Characters

sewing pin cushion accessories local artists near me

Sewing Accessories

Christmas Tree Christmas Ornament Local Artists

Christmas Ornaments and Decor